Not all Plano commercial roofing repair contractors will have the same level of expertise. However, when you consult the specialists at Roofing Contractors, you’ll be dealing with professionals that are highly skilled in repairing and replacing many different types of commercial roofs. Whether you have a few warped shingles or serious hail damage, our commercial roofing repair contractors in Plano TX can help restore your roof regardless of its slope, style, or material makeup.

Low Slope Commercial Roofing

If your roof needs a complete replacement, many commercial roofing contractors in Plano will advocate getting a low slope roof for your business. This is because low slope roofs help you save on overhead costs such as heating and cooling, as well as being easier to maintain.

There are two basic types of low slope roofs: single-ply and built-up roofing. Plano commercial roofing repair contractors often advise business owners to go with single-ply because of the lower installation cost. Systems of single-ply roofing include:

  • Fully Adhered
  • Mechanically Attached
  • Ballasted

Each type uses either TPO or EPDM membrane for assembly. Our commercial roofing repair contractors in Plano TX will help you decide which materials and system will be best for your building.

Built-up roofing creates a more traditional type of roof that uses building felts and hot asphalt. Because this system uses multiple layers, it may take a bit longer to install. However, built-up roofs are known to last several decades.

Steep Sloped Roofing

Depending on your specific situation, our Plano commercial roofing repair contractors may advise getting a roof with a steeper slope, sometimes known as a Mansard roof. The advantages of a steep slope include:

  • Water and snow are easily shed.
  • Debris cannot linger on the roof.
  • Additional ventilation is created in the building.

If your roof is being completely replaced, a steep pitch will also create an attic area that can be used for storage for the business. Again, the experts at Roofing Contractors will help you decide what’s best for your building.