If you think your home may have been damaged during a recent storm event, it might be time to consult Roofing Contractors for a Frisco free roof repair estimate. Roofs can be damaged by hail and other impact, but they can also be susceptible to wind events. Even if the wind during a recent storm did not seem excessive, a free roof repair estimate in Frisco TX can help determine whether your home has been damaged. Older homes with outdated roofing systems may be particularly vulnerable to damage during even small storms, according to experts at a roof repair company in Frisco TX.

What, exactly, constitutes damage that is caused by hail or wind? Roofing professionals at a Frisco roof repair company say that the following problems generally occur when an asphalt roof is damaged by impact or gusts:

  • Punctures or tears to shingles
  • Inability for roof to shed water
  • Leaks in the roof
  • Reduction in the life of the roof through structural damage
  • Problems with the shingle coating

If the coating on your shingles has been damaged, for example, a Frisco free roof repair estimate will be able to identify this problem. Even though it may seem like a minor issue, even slight damage to the materials beneath the shingles can cause accelerated damage that will shorten the life of your roof. Seeking the advice of the experts at a qualified roof repair company in Frisco TX will help you learn about the extent of the damage to your home, which can vary based on the size and severity of the hail or wind.

Without a Frisco free roof repair estimate, your family could literally be left out in the cold this winter. Your roof is one of the most important structures in your home; treat it as such by consulting the experts at Roofing Contractors. Our experienced repair professionals can help extend the lifespan of your roof, starting with the free repair estimate process.