After a violent storm, it is important to see if you need any Dallas roof repair services. If your roof was damaged and you do not take appropriate action, you could find that the damage is only going to get worse.

Perhaps some of your shingles were torn off during the storm. That is bad enough as it is, but roof repair in Dallas TX will not be difficult if you have it done right away. We can do the job with ease here at Roofing Contractors, and we do not even need to do the whole roof to fix the issues. If you let it go, though, you could come up against additional issues, such as:

  • Rot that can set in under the existing shingles.
  • More shingles that will fall off now that there is a foothold for the wind to get under them.
  • Leaks inside the house that can cause interior rot and structural damage.
  • Plaster ceilings that take enough water damage to break and collapse.
  • Rust on the sheet metal under the roof or on the brackets and other metal parts.

It will be a lot more expensive for our Dallas TX residential roofing contractors to fix all of this damage than it would have been for them to simply replace the few shingles that came off in the storm.

Your Checklist

As you look to see if any Dallas roof repair services are going to be needed, you can use this checklist. Look for:

  • Missing shingles.
  • Exposed tarpaper.
  • Broken gutters.
  • Water damage in the house.
  • Water damage in the attic.

In some ways, it is most important that you look in the attic when deciding if you need roof repair in Dallas TX because this damage can be hidden. You may not see it until it will be incredibly expensive to fix.

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If a storm has come through and you have found some of the damage listed on the checklist, you need Dallas roof repair services. Call us today to get started.