Most Allen commercial roofing repair contractors use a similar process: inspection, estimate, design, pre-work planning, repair, and re-inspection. However, the standard of quality during each of these steps will vary greatly among companies. At Roofing Contractors, you can expect our repair team to guide you through the process with expertise. Our commercial roofing repair contractors in Allen TX comprise a knowledgeable team that can tackle repairs on any type of roof.

Commercial Roof Types

One popular type of roof for commercial properties is Thermoplastic roofing. Also known as TPO roofing, this system makes use of incredibly durable material that’s tolerant of extreme temperatures. TPO roofs are known to be highly resistant to chemicals, fire, high winds, and punctures.

Our commercial roofing repair contractors in Allen TX also have a wealth of repair experience with EPDM roofing. EPDM is one of the more conventional roof types, known for its longevity and ease of installation.

A third type of commercial roof involves photovoltaic panels. Having these solar panels installed can help reduce overhead by saving you money on energy costs. Not all Allen commercial roofing repair contractors will have the ability to proficiently install these panels.

Another roof type that’s growing in popularity is the green roof. Green roofs are often flat and covered with areas of soil and vegetation. These roofs are great for soaking up heat, effectively extending a roof’s lifespan by normalizing roof temperatures.

Repair vs. Replacement

Different commercial roofing contractors in Allen may give you different opinions about whether your roof issues can be repaired as opposed to doing a complete roof replacement. Our team of skilled professionals can help you develop a plan that will fit your budget while providing the best solution for your building. Allen commercial roofing repair contractors will improve your roof’s condition, no matter what type of roof you already have. If you decide a new roof is needed, we’ll work with you to design the exact type of roof you desire.